New residential car park for ILO Park Pinneberg

In front of the gates of Hamburg, condominiums and rental apartments as well as small commercial spaces are being built on the extensive site of the former ILO works.

Residential and public parking spaces can be found in a modern district garage. Dip was commissioned to create them.

A cramped building plot in direct location on the railroad tracks place special demands on the construction logistics. Before the actual parking garage is built, an 8 m high temporary soundproof facade is placed over the entire length of the parking garage. For this purpose, the supports are mounted on this axis in advance and a trapezoidal sheet metal facade is attached.
After completion, this temporary “building facade” gives way to an attractive and complex 3-D shell made of individually edged perforated aluminum sheet.

The parking garage is planned as a split-level building and will offer 419 comfortable parking spaces on 14 half-levels.

Client: Rockstone ILO 4 GmbH
Planner: GRS REIMER architects

21. 01. 2021