Regular inspection and repair preserve the value of your car park

Car parks with a dip deck have the lowest maintenance costs of any car park. This was confirmed by a long-term study of car park operators. Nonetheless, every car park must be maintained in accordance with standards.

Maintenance with dip quality

We also guarantee you the same uncompromising dip quality when it comes to maintenance and servicing. dip’s value conservation team of experienced specialists takes care of your property long-term and knows it inside and out. All work performed is documented in a transparent manner. If need be, we offer advice and recommendations.

Parts of maintenance

If you like, we can take care of your car park from its acceptance over its entire useful life (lifecycle maintenance):

  1. inspection: assessment of the current condition
  2. maintenance: work to delay wear
  3. repairs: work to restore functionality
  4. improvements: work to improve functionality
  5. critical point analysis: identification of points subject to increased wear, which may result in a loss of functionality

Lump-sum service packages

In order to conserve the value of your car park, we are also there for you even after its completion. If you like, we can take care of your building over its entire useful life. As part of construction planning, a maintenance plan detailing all necessary work is drawn up for every construction project. Our value conservation service team offers you service packages for a fixed price. They include all necessary inspection and maintenance work. Additional services can also be agreed individually.

Car park maintenance

Car parks are subject to considerable stress. There is significant car traffic in a small area. Chloride from de-icing salt in condensed water can damage the construction. Abrasive materials such a grit, sand, and dirt cause surface wear. Continual temperature fluctuations, especially freezing in winter, take their toll on concrete. These conditions must be assessed individually taking into account the building’s location and use.

The construction and quality of the concrete used in the dip deck make it resistant to the above stressors and, as a result, low maintenance. Nonetheless, regular maintenance is needed to prevent damage and keep a car park in proper functioning order. Inspection intervals are set forth in applicable standards. A project-specific maintenance plan itemizes the work to be done. Proper execution of the plan ensures that the intended useful life of 50 years or more is achieved.