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dip leads its industry in quality by designing and constructing turnkey industrial buildings and car parks of all sizes in a professional and reliable manner. We have built over 650 structures for car park projects alone.

With 45 years of experience and expertise, we guarantee the highest quality standards when it comes to executing and completing projects. But we do not stop there. Our mission is to continually improve the quality and useful life of our car parks to offer our customers genuine added value. After all, hardly anything lasts as long as a building. And every building is a complete system which can only succeed if every single part of that system meets the highest quality requirements.

That is why dip, as a general contractor, only works with highly specialised companies, who are technological leaders in their field.

Fair und transparent

Fair and transparent


dip is committed to fairness and transparency every step of the way. For us, fair consultations, fair contracts, and fair execution of your project are part of the deal. As an architect, we are there for you at every stage of the project.

As a builder, you can not only count on dip handling all the coordination work, we also share our ideas with you throughout the process while never losing sight of the details.




dip’s modular system is not bound to individual manufacturers, which is why we are free to make our own decisions and focus entirely on the needs of our customers. Particularly when time is of the essence, you need a company you can rely on. dip’s expertise and commitment to fairness means we are the right partner for your project.

Your benefits

Systematic, individual solutions


dip creates cost-efficient building solutions that minimise maintenance costs and maximise useful life. Our goal is to construct industrial buildings and car parks that combine technical perfection with outstanding cost-efficiency and whose exclusive architecture sets them apart. As a leader for quality in its industry, dip developed the dip deck – a flexible modular system for car parks that meets even the most stringent demands a thanks to the highest quality of materials. Its innovative construction is not only long-lasting, but is also fully adaptable giving architects free reign when it comes to design.


Best value for money


We focus on our core competencies: designing and constructing industrial buildings and car parks. dip’s experience and expertise have made it a quality leader in this area offering excellent value for money – making it the first choice among architects and builders.

dip guarantees

  • long-lasting, future-proof structures that offer a solid basis for secure investments
  • low maintenance and servicing costs throughout their useful life
  • fair consultation and cooperation in the spirit of partnership
  • fast and efficient construction
  • compliance with all standards as well as the use of approved components and materials


Our customer-friendly approach


dip approaches every construction project from the customer’s perspective. We ensure that the wishes and visions of our customers take shape quickly and that they can also reliably plan and calculate their costs.

The result is not only top-quality structures, but also satisfied builders and architects. This is also how we measure our success – to the delight of our customers.


Your committed, dedicated partner


As a partner for all those involved, dip is committed to working effectively with its builders and architects. Such an effective partnership requires an in -depth consultation and personal communication, which is why with dip you get your very own, permanent contact, who is assigned to you and your building. Your contact gets you answers to all questions regarding your construction project and makes sure everything goes according to plan.

45 years of building car parks –
130 years of steel engineering

Deutsche Industrie- und Parkhausbau GmbH looks back on more than 150 years of experience and innovation.

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