Hanover branch builds multi-storey car park at SkyCampus Nordport in Norderstedt

The Nordport has developed into an address location in recent years. International companies found a location here. In order to be able to grow further, Hamburg’s largest fintech company is also moving into the SkyCampus. This shows once again the attractiveness of the Nordport in Norderstedt on the state border with the Hanseatic city. Short distances in all directions – to the airport, motorway as well as the surrounding area – guarantee first-class connections for employees and customers.

In close cooperation between sales, the planning and calculation department and the project management floor, we succeeded in generating the order for the new construction of the parking garage in Norderstedt. From September 2022, 270 employees will find parking spaces on 13 half-levels. The challenges with this property are the highly contaminated and unsound building site and the Hamburg Airport, which is in the immediate vicinity, and the resulting building and assembly height restrictions.

22. 04. 2021