Pester pac automation employee car park

pester pac automation has been setting trends in end-of-line packaging for over 45 years. Forward-looking machine technologies for film and cardboard packaging and palletizing. The company is one of the leading companies in the industry.

Success needs space. Space for production and administration. Plots of land are only available at last – even in rural Allgäu. As with pester pac, the new building often takes place in full or in part on the existing employee car park. Replacement and additional parking spaces will be provided in the employee car park realized by dip.

The building offers 184 parking spaces on 8 half-levels. A car park roof protects the upper levels from overheating in summer, but also from the snow that is common in the Allgäu winter.

The two staircases with generous scale glazing are inviting and bright.

For selective greening of the facade, climbing ropes are attached to the outer supports.

Before the contract was awarded, the client’s architect dealt intensively with the various car park systems. His clear recommendation to the client was: dip deck. The design and the resulting durability with low maintenance requirements convinced him.

  • 184 pitches
  • 8 half-planes
  • car park roof
  • facade: climbing ropes
  • floor area 5,000 m² (1,250 m² pavement, 3,750 m² dip ceiling)
13. 04. 2022