Opening and tour of the large car park in Stade

03. 05. 2019

The opening ceremony for Stade’s new car park was held on 5 May.
Interested visitors had the chance to take part in one of the car park tours.

The new car park with its steel composite construction provides 518 additional parking spaces on six full storeys.

The parking spaces boast a minimum width of 2.50 m. Wider parking spaces offer even better parking conditions, for example, family and women’s parking spaces (3.10 m), 21 parking spaces for persons with disabilities (3.50 m) and 17 XL parking spaces (at least 3 m).

Parking is also available for bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, not to mention charging stations for electric cars. An additional 96 car parking spaces are located on the park deck of the Neuer Pferdemarkt shopping centre, which is connected to the car park via a covered footbridge.