Car park Bamberg, Klinikum am Bruderwald

The multi-storey car park was handed over to the satisfied client on schedule and on budget.

The car park offers 1006 parking spaces on 10 half-levels.

Widely spaced access ramps lead those looking for a park along the entire row of parks. The next free parking space will be found quickly.

The departure ramps are close together and ensure a quick exit.

The facade with alternating sheet metal cassettes puts you in a good mood right from the first glance. Loosely spaced elements radiate yellow, red, blue and white. Used as accents, these still allow an unhindered view of the car park and the outside.

The parking levels are open and easy to overlook. One searches in vain for hidden, dark corners. Security through sight. This also continues in the stairwells with their large areas of glazing.

The new multi-storey car park eases the tense parking situation, which not only affects clinic employees and visitors, but also local residents.

The Klinikum am Bruderwald is in a prime location in the World Heritage city of Bamberg and has 891 beds. As a maximum care clinic, it offers services at the highest level of care.

  • 10 half-planes
  • 1,006 parking spaces
  • multi-storey car park roof, equipped with a 4,000 m² PV system
  • e-charging stations: 16 charging points (8 double charging stations)
  • floor area: 22,500 m² (4,500 m² pavement, 18,000 m² dip deck)
13. 04. 2022