WoS Stage V-Parking Herzogenaurach car park

On the campus of a sporting goods manufacturer in Herzogenaurach, dip implemented a modern employee car park with around 1,600 parking spaces.

The parking garage is designed as an open 2-aisle parking garage with 5 parking levels. Access is via external full-storey ramps (2 driveways on the west and 2 exits on the east) and four staircases on the west. The entire parking garage is covered.

In the north there are offices as well as changing rooms and showers for cyclists. In the south there are technical rooms and a sprinkler tank to supply the neighboring office complex and the conference center with emergency power and fire water.

The facade consists of glass fiber fabric, which is arranged in triangular and irregular segments with a 3D effect. The roof area is greened and provided with a PV system that supplies 20 electric parking spaces with charging current.


sq. m of floor space


parking spaces


e-charging stations

Construction period

September 2016 to
June 2018


kg5 Architekten


Andreas Wiese