Thyssenkrupp Quartier car park in Essen

Construction work for the new Thyssenkrupp corporate headquarters will begin in the middle of the heart of Essen in summer 2007. But on the 230 hectare site, which has been fallow for many years, much more is being created than just office space for 2,000 employees.

It is nothing less than an entire quarter – a new district for Essen with extensive green and water areas. The buildings in the quarter are laid out around a central water axis and impress with their innovative and high-quality design with steel and glass.


sq. m of floor space


parking spaces

Deutsche Industrie- und Parkhausbau skillfully continued the high architectural standards with the construction of the multi-storey car park for the employees and visitors of the Thyssenkrupp headquarters. The multi-storey car park, designed in the split-level system, has 565 parking spaces and was built by dip as a turnkey general contractor within nine months.

Through the use of steel as a constructive and at the same time creative facade element, the aesthetic and modern functional building blends harmoniously into the overall architecture of the Thyssenkrupp Quartier.

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JSWD Architekten GmbH & Co. KG, Chaix & Morel et Associés


Michael Wolff