INF507 car park
Heidelberg University Hospital

The car park is designed as a ramp car park with 6 levels. The parking levels run through the two-part structure as a ramp-shaped belt. In this way, they “go around” a supply corridor lying in the ground without interfering with its building fabric.

The multi-storey car park received the award for Beispielhaftes Bauen (Exemplary Building) in 2017.

News Parkhaus INF 507 Uni Heidelberg Beispielhaftes Bauen

The use of sustainable and durable materials was important to the client. This was implemented in an outstanding manner by dip in close cooperation with the client.

When designing the facade, reference is made to the existing multi-storey car parks. The facade consists of vertically arranged wooden slats and lattice mats arranged in blocks as a climbing and climbing aid for the greenery. The coating-free dip deck construction ensures low maintenance and repair costs.


sq. m of floor space


parking spaces

Construction period

April 2016 to
April 2017


Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg