Edeka Center Berlin car park

Parkhaus EDEKA Center Berlin

A pleasant shopping experience starts with finding a parking space. High parking availability and short walks are key advantages of this location. Market leader Edeka is committed to upholding its high corporate standards which include parking spaces with a minimum width of 2.75 m so groceries can be loaded quickly and conveniently while preventing damage, e. g., when opening car doors. The new E-Center car park in Berlin offers 153 such convenience parking spaces.

The flexibility of the dip car park system is also apparent in other areas. The ceiling height of the ground level is 4.2 m meaning small vans and SUVs with a roof box can also use the car park. The car park floor plan was adapted to the property on the basis of the development plan and designed as a parallelogram. Prefabricated concrete components with block facework form the outer closure providing fire and noise protection.


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Leitplan GmbH Planungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft


Bernd Perlbach