McParking multi-storey car park at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The groundbreaking ceremony took place in April 2020 and after a construction period of 14 months we were able to hand over the client – Gebrüder-Hirth-Str. 27 Grundstücksverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH – the open car park with 2,036 parking spaces.

During this time, around 7,500 m³ of earth was moved and 1,100 m³ of concrete were installed for the foundations alone.
The impressive multi-storey car park was created from 1,150 tons of steel and approx. 4,700 m³ of concrete for the ceiling surfaces. With a total area of 41,665 m², this is currently the largest parking garage in Berlin.


To classify the size: at 96 x 64 m, it just misses the minimum size required by the DFB for soccer fields of 100 m x 64 m.

The car park is used by both McParking employees and passengers. For the latter, McParking is setting up a shuttle service to the airport.

There are also 44 charging points for e-vehicles.


sq. m of floor space


parking spaces


e-charging stations

Year built



Dälken Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH


Kuhl Frenzel