Car park at the town hall
in Eppingen

The multi-storey car park on Wilhelmstrasse is considered to be a central project in Eppingen’s inner city development. The market square, which was formerly used as a parking lot, has been refurbished and is finally the city’s “parlor” again.

The parking spaces that are important for the city center are located in the multi-storey car park. Mayor Klaus Holaschke sees the multi-storey car park as an upgrade and a source of inspiration, “The new multi-storey car park is much more than a large car garage.”, “The urban development challenge of integrating the impressive building into the cityscape was a great success.”.

A wide variety of materials were cleverly combined for the facade. A massive reinforced concrete soundproofing wall meets an airy expanded mesh facade. This in turn hovers over a rustic-looking sandstone wall, which continues beyond the parking garage.


qm Geschossfläche




e-charging stations

The structural inclusion of the historical cellar structures, which are made accessible to the population on special occasions, posed a particular challenge in the construction of the new car park.




Obermayer Architekten


Bernd Perlbach