Car park An der Waschspüle
in Bernau near Berlin

On behalf of the city of Bernau, Deutsche Industrie- und Parkhausbau built a three-storey car park with 122 regular and eight handicapped-accessible parking spaces on schedule.

Because of the groundwater level, which is up to 50cm below the top of the terrain, special foundation measures were necessary. One possibility was to replace the floor to a depth of 2 m over the entire area of the car park.
With a view to costs and the enormous dangers for the stability of the neighboring house wall, dip solved this problem with a foundation of the building project on 89 vibrating pillars reaching up to 15 m deep.

Due to the urban and historically significant building site, the parking garage was appropriately integrated architecturally. The design of the outer facade was coordinated with the Lower Monument Protection Authority and thus the stairwell received a modern and bright steel and glass construction.

A special highlight is the staircase facade designed by the famous artist Annelie Grund – it shows motifs that reflect the history of the place. For this purpose, 36 panes of glass were produced using a special engraving technique.


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Manuel Frauendorf