Car park Am Noor in Eckernförde

The partially glazed car park provides drivers with a total of 177 parking spaces. Their 2.60 metre width ensures easy, convenient parking and complies with the German Automobile Club guideline for user-friendly car parks. The parent-child parking spaces are even larger. Two bays are also suitable for persons with disabilities. A lift ensures that the building is barrier-free. Added convenience is provided by a WC which can be accessed with the parking pass. Women’s parking spaces are situated in the glass front area while cameras provide added security. The car park has two entrances where up to four cars at a time can wait in front of the gate. Two turn-off lanes keep traffic moving.


sq. m of floor space


parking spaces


m Parking space width

A highlight of the car park, which was built in a prominent location on the harbour, is its ceramic-rod façade. In the design competition, AX5 architekten prevailed with its submission winning 1st place by unanimous decision. The three warm natural tones selected for the ceramic are reminiscent of brick and wood. The appealing façade structure is particularly accentuated by the ceramic and glazed façade elements as well as the staggered heights.
The façade adopts the materiality of the brick buildings surrounding it. The building materials used further add to the building’s appeal. The ceramic used is durable and long-lasting with a pleasant texture.

Year built



AX5 architekten PartG mbB


Bernd Perlbach