Car park Alb Fils Klinik am Eichert in Göppingen

The new building for the Klinik am Eichert is one of the largest construction projects in Baden-Württemberg. This should be ready for occupancy in 2024. In addition to daycare and staff apartments, the parking garage was one of three sub-projects that were required as preparatory measures.

The car park offers almost 950 parking spaces for employees, patients and visitors. As a special feature, there are special “stork parking spaces” for parents arriving at birth.

An airy network of stainless steel cables forms the facade and also serves as a climbing aid for the greenery.

948 solar modules are mounted on the partially extensively green roof of the car park. 100% of the electricity generated is fed into the clinic’s network and consumed there. With the generated 250,000 kWh p. a. 150 tons of CO2 emissions p. a. are avoided. The calculated savings in electricity costs are around € 42,000 per year.


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Bernd Perlbach