Hennef Sports University car park

After just one year of construction, Deutsche Industrie– und Parkhausbau GmbH completed the Hennef Sports University car park. The newly opened car park gives drivers access to 340 covered parking spaces on five storeys. This facility significantly improves the parking situation near the Hennef sports university where a gravel parking lot provided a mere 200 parking spaces.

All parties involved in construction – local politicians, decision-makers from the Hennef sports university, the construction companies engaged – praised the effective cooperation.

 Klaus Pipke, mayor of the town of Hennef, offered the following summary: “Though airports may not always go as planned, some things still turn out here in Germany.” In cooperation with the energy company innogya total of twelve charging stations for electric cars were installed, ten of which are located in the car park. As a result, the number of charging stations in the town of Hennef has doubled according to FVM president Bernd Neuendorf. “We want to keep developing the sports university,” he continued, “standing still is moving backwards, which is the last thing we want to do.

Overall, approximately 2.5 million Euro were invested in the Hennef Sports University car park. To ensure that the car park blends in well with its surroundings, greenery will be added to the building’s façade.

30. 10. 2019