Planning and consulting

Effective planning saves costs and time. It is the basis for financial security and on-time completion. That’s why dip carefully analyses the initial situation at the beginning of every construction project: Feasibility studies and profitability calculations help you early on as you develop your construction project.

We examine every aspect of importance to you such as the general suitability of the property, its relevance in terms of urban planning, traffic infrastructure as well as socioeconomic criteria.

Close and fair cooperation with builders and architects

dip prepares a conclusive overall concept in close, fair cooperation with builders and architects. We partner with architects offering constructive support in every work stage: From the basics to the preliminary design up to and including the design and approval stage. 

During the consulting and planning stage, dip prepares detailed working drawings and approval plans together with the architects. At the same time, our engineers also solve the most demanding tasks.

This cooperative approach to work guarantees successful planning from the very beginning. So your investments pay off long-term.