Compared to the competition, parking garages with a dip ceiling have the lowest maintenance costs. This was confirmed by a long-term study of parking garage operators. However, every parking garage must be maintained in accordance with applicable standards.


Service packages at a fixed price

To preserve the value of your parking garage, we are also there for you even after your parking garage is complete. At request, we supervise your building over its entire useful life. In connection with construction planning, a maintenance plan that includes all necessary work is prepared for every construction project. Our maintenance service offers you service packages at a fixed price. It covers all necessary inspection and maintenance work. Individual, additional services can also be agreed. 


Maintenance with dip quality

We also guarantee you the same uncompromising dip quality when it comes to maintenance. The employees in the maintenance team have long-term experience and regularly complete further training courses. To guarantee the highest possible quality, we only deploy our own employees. dip documents all services it performs for you in detail.

We are happy to provide with an offer for an inspection and maintenance.