Architectural facade of dip

The facade is the business card of a parking garage

An appealing facade design makes a parking garage into a genuine eye catcher so users enjoy their visit and feel safe. The first impression is everything. After all, the user only learns what’s inside a parking garage – e.g. convenient parking spots and wide driving lanes – once he or she has driven into the parking garage.

Public parking garages do well with an impressive facade since users are able to recognise the building from far away. In some cases, however, simplicity is the order of the day. In this case, the facade ensure that a parking garage fits in with surrounding structures. If a corporate design is already in place, the facade of the parking garage can also be perfectly adapted to it.

Parking garages from dip offer individual solutions

There are many design possibilities for a parking garage facade. However, the technical parameters must also be accounted for. As a result, one third of the facade must be kept open. This is due to requirements relating to fire safety, noise and glare protection, which demand facades that are as closed as possible. Urban planning requirements may also affect the design.

Our engineers work with you to find solutions for every requirement. In addition to our standardised modular facades, we are of course ready to develop your very own facade solution.

Fall protection

You can rested assured knowing that the basic design of parking garages from dip include fall protection. It consists of steel mesh panels with built-in impact protection. As a result, all fundamental requirements of building law have been fulfilled. The product also has general building inspectorate approval. The surface of the fall protection is hot dip galvanised by default and can also be powder-coated.

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