dip – your partner

Our customer-friendly approach

dip considers every construction project through the eyes of its customers. We implement the wishes and visions of our customers quickly while at the same time providing a reliable basis for planning and determining costs. The result is not only top-quality structures, but also fully satisfied builders and architects. We also consider this a measure of our success - and our customers appreciate this.


Committed to your needs

As a partner, dip takes a focused approach to working closely with builders and architects. An in -depth consultation as well as personal contact are the basis for this. dip provides you with a permanent contact, who is responsible for you and your building. Your contact handles all questions relating to your construction project to ensure everything goes according to plan. 


Fair and transparent

dip is committed to fairness and transparency from the outset. For us, a fair consultation, fair contracts not to mention the fair completion of your project are part of the deal. As an architect, we’re there to assist you in every work stage. As a builder, you can count on dip not only handling all the coordination work,  we also assist you by sharing ideas in your interest during the entire process while paying close attention to detail.



The dip modular design doesn’t rely on individual manufacturers. This lets us make independent decisions and focus entirely on the needs of our customers. Especially when time is of the essence, you need a company you can rely on. Its unique expertise and commitment to fairness also make dip the right partner for your project.