Your benefits

Systematic, individual solutions

dip creates cost-efficient building concepts with minimal maintenance costs and a maximum useful life. Our goal is to construct industrial buildings and parking garages, which are perfect both technically and economically whose appealing architecture also excels. As a leader for quality in our industry, dip developed the dip ceiling construction system for parking garages, which fulfils the most stringent demands: It uses only the highest quality of materials. Its innovative construction is not only long-lasting, but is fully adaptable. It gives architects the full range of design possibilities.

You can also enjoy the benefits of our tried and tested dip ceiling.

Our list of references speaks for itself.

Best value for money

We strategically specialised in what we do best: Planning and constructing turn-key industrial buildings and parking garages. Dip’s experience and expertise have made it a quality leader in this area offering excellent value for money, which continues to win over architects and builders. 

dip guarantees

  • long-lasting structures that offer a solid basis for the future and secure investments
  • low maintenance costs
  • fair consultation and cooperation in the spirit of partnership
  • fast and efficient construction
  • Compliance with all standards as well as the use of authorised components and materials