The company dip

Leads its industry in quality

Construction of turn-key industrial buildings and parking garages

Leading its industry in quality, dip plans and constructs turn-key industrial buildings and parking garages of all sizes in a professional and reliable manner. We have built over 550 structures for parking garage projects alone.

With our experience and expertise from more than 40 years of building parking garages – 130 years of steel years of parking garage construction, we offer the highest standards and continually strive to reach new heights. Our goal is to continually improve the quality and longevity of the structures we build. After all, hardly anything lasts as long as a building. Furthermore, every building is a complete concept that can only succeed if every detail meets the highest quality requirements.

That’s why dip only works with highly specialised companies, who are technological leaders in their sectors.

Fit for the future, long-lasting and economical

The dip ceiling

dip is always thinking ahead to anticipate what will happen tomorrow. Our innovations set standards. We have developed an exclusive modular design for parking garage ceilings: the dip ceiling. It meets the requirements of the future today.

Parking garages with the dip ceiling are highly flexible, long-lasting and, as a result, incredibly cost efficient. They offer greater security for investments and pay off, for operators and investors alike. The dip ceiling has been tried and tested for decades.

Learn more about the dip ceiling.

Fair, focused and transparent

Your reliable partner

dip excels with its long-standing experience and keen awareness of what customers need. As a general contractor, we offer you a complete tailored solution from one source  that perfectly accommodate your individual needs – from the initial consultation to the turn-key structure and, if you like, beyond.

dip takes responsibility for all its services and guarantees you total cost security. We are not only an experienced partner, but also consider ourselves your personal advisor committed to fairness, reliability and transparency.